Sports Massage

If you’ve never heard of it, never had it or simply don’t understand how it is different from other types of massage, let us try to explain.

It is a type of tissue manipulation traditionally aimed at people involved in regular sporting activity. However, it is for anyone. If you have a physical job, if you have a sedentary job, if you don’t have a job but have stiffness in your muscles! Anybody can benefit from the massage techniques
involved in “sports massage”.

Sports massage has 3 main uses:

  • to improve tissue flexibility, tissue quality and therefore efficiency of muscle contraction and joint mobility
  • to prepare someone for a sporting event
  • to enhance recovery following a sporting event

It can sometimes be painful, sometimes involves assisted stretching and can require participation from the recipient. It is not a relaxing, spa type massage. It is aimed at tissue restoration, this means working deep into the muscle tissue. After a sports massage you should immediately feel lighter and more flexible. It usually takes around 48 hours to see the full benefits of the treatment.

It is recommended after treatment you drink lots of water (or non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated drinks) and to avoid any intense exercise. Light
activity is fine and actually beneficial, for example swimming, yoga, Pilates.