Treatment for “Tennis Elbow”

Treatment for “Tennis Elbow”

To resolve tennis elbow a multifaceted approach to treatment is required. As a physiotherapist who is trained in acupuncture, I find this a very helpful tool to quickly reduce the pain and kickstart the healing process. I also use a variety of massage techniques and joint mobilisations to achieve similar results.

Acupuncture alongside the right type of exercises has worked time and time again for me and my customers. I will use the needles to reduce muscle tone in the wrist extensor muscles and stimulate healing within the tendon. The exercises are designed to complement the stage of treatment and level of pain and include phased strengthening exercises for the muscles of the wrist, elbow and shoulder.

After 5-6 sessions the problem is usually almost fully resolved and I recommend that the exercises are continued for a further 12 weeks after treatment has concluded.

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Kerri Surman – Specialist Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist