Treatment for a Sprained Ankle

There are quite a few things your physiotherapist can do to help with your ankle sprain. At first, we need to reduce your pain and swelling.

One method we have at our clinic to help with this process is called interferential. This is a type of electrotherapy which sends small electrical impulses into the tissues to stimulate healing, blood flow and reduce pain by encouraging your body to release endorphins.

If you’ve heard of a TENS machine it’s basically a supersized one of those which physiotherapists are qualified to administer. Usually after 15-20 minutes on this machine your ankle will feel much less painful which will improve your walking and will make it easier to do your rehab which your physiotherapist will also provide you with.

If you need treatment for a sprained ankle, or any other injury we can usually see you within 48 hours of you calling us. So please give us a ring on 01438 317037 or message us through our Facebook page.

Kerri Surman – Specialist Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist