“Tennis Elbow”

Have you ever met a tennis player with elbow pain? I actually haven’t! Contrary to the name this condition is known by, it affects a lot more of the population than just tennis players.

To give it the proper medical term this injury is Lateral Epicondylopathy / Epicondialgia.

3D illustration of a tennis elbow with close-up.

Pain on the outside of the elbow, usually pinpoint on the bone or just below with stiffness radiating into the forearm. 

If you have “tennis elbow” the likelihood is you will struggle with gripping heavy items so you may have pain when lifting the kettle, your arm might be sore after carrying a few heavy shopping bags around town and you may notice it is stiff and sore when you wake up in the morning but this eases after a short time.

This problem generally hangs around for quite a while and without treatment can get considerably worse causing you to stop using your arm for painful tasks. This is obviously not ideal day-to-day but will lead to weakness and further problems if not addressed.

If you think you may have “tennis elbow” or are suffering with any type of ache or pain it is best to get checked by an expert. Call us on 01438 317037 to arrange a consultation with one of our physiotherapists who will assess you, provide you with a diagnosis and give you some treatment and advice.

Kerri Surman – Specialist Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist