Sports Injury

Sports injury is a term referring to injuries which have occurred during participation in sport. However, the same injuries can occur in everyday life – gardening, pushing your grandchild on the swing, carrying your shopping in from the car.

Some specific examples of sports Injuries are:

• Tennis/Golfers elbow
• Groin strains
• Hernias
• Knee ligament sprain
• Twisted ankle
• Fractures
• Haematoma/Bruises
• Skiers thumb
• Achilles tendonitis
• Heel Spurs/Planta fasciitis
• Rotator cuff strains

No matter the type of injury, it will follow the stages of bleeding, inflammation, proliferation, and remodelling of tissue. It is our job to assess where you are in this process and tailor a rehabilitation plan to get you back to full fitness, ideally stronger and fitter than before the injury, to reduce the risk of repeating or suffering other injuries when returning to sport to activity.