Exercise for an Ankle Sprain

We’ve discussed how damage to the ligaments and muscles causes the ankle to feel weak and unstable which leads to more twisted ankles. So how do we make it stronger and prevent future sprains?

Banded ankle eversion is a really simple but effective exercise to strengthen the peroneal muscles – if these muscles are strong, they will help keep your ankle in a straight line when you’re walking on uneven ground and reduce the chances of you spraining it again.

All you need is a stretchy band, also called resistance bands or resistance tubing. Place the middle of the band around the little toe of your injured ankle and pull the ends towards the good foot, hook the band under your good foot to create an anchor point for the band, then you’re ready. Slowly pull your injured foot outwards, stretching the band as you do. Hold for 2 seconds and then slowly bring the foot back to the middle. Repeat 15-20 times, rest for 1 minute and repeat again 3 or 4 times. Every few days try to increase your reps.

If you have worsening ankle pain, you should stop the exercise but all you should feel is an ache to the outside of your shin.

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Kerri Surman – Specialist Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist