Anatomy of Anterior Knee Pain

This diagram shows some of the structures described last week which can cause pain around the front of the knee.

You can narrow down where your knee pain is coming from by pressing around the knee. With quite a lot of types of anterior knee pain the pain comes exactly from the source of the problem.

If the pain emanates from the top part of the knee cap it is highly likely you have quadriceps tendinopathy, if the pain comes from the lower tip of the knee cap it is likely you have patella tendinopathy, although this needs more specialised assessment as there are several structures extremely close together that could be causing the pain. Accurate diagnosis of the structure is important because the treatment and rehabilitation is different.

If the pain is more vague you should definitely seek a specialist assessment with a physiotherapist. We can usually see you within 48 hours of you calling in, so give us a ring and let’s get your knee sorted.

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Kerri Surman – Specialist Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist